Services for U.S. Schools


Affiliated with the U.S. Department of State, The KAEC U.S. Education Center (EducationUSA Center) provides accurate information on the full range of educational opportunities in the U.S. through individual and group advising session and presentations by U.S. schools, and active participation in key education fairs. Our major categories of services include:



Provide a Briefing Session to U.S. Schools:


We welcome many US HEI representatives each year to talk about recruiting Korean students, the Korean education system, and other relevant topics. We are always interested in hearing about international student trends on your campus, and any new programs or scholarships you might have that might be of interest to Korean students. If you would like to schedule an appointment to visit our center or meet us online, please visit We will get back to you to confirm the appointment. After your appointment is confirmed, it is helpful if you send us some of your questions ahead, so we can research the answers prior to our meeting, when necessary.


Provide an Information Session by U.S. schools:


As an EducationUSA Advising Center, we would prefer presentations on U.S. higher education in general (admissions, finding the right fit, essay writing, etc.) or in some cases specialized topics that you or someone from your school might be uniquely qualified to present on (special scholarships, engineering programs, etc.). We may ask HEIs to present on a topic that would be useful and relevant to Korean students, or fits well with our “menu” of upcoming sessions.


Assist in Contacting Local High Schools:


We recommend U.S. school representatives to plan some visits to high schools including U.S. Education Center before they leave U.S. for traveling. We can provide contact information on schools they would like to visit so that they can arrange a visit.


Organize or Participate in a College Fair:

  • The center has organized some college fairs to provide information on studying in the U.S. and on how to apply to U.S. colleges in local area outside Seoul, where students and parents are lack of opportunities to access to such information.
  • The center also participates actively in college fairs where US school representatives attend.