U.S. Study Fairs

The U.S. Education Center works closely with all of the study-abroad fairs that bring representatives of the visiting U.S. schools to Korea.

2019 Spring AIEF Education Fair - Seoul, Busan
URL: https://www.aief-usa.org/
Date: 3/23-3/24/2019, 3/30-3/31/2019
Location: COEX Hall C, BEXCO Hall 4
2018 Fall AIEF Fair - Seoul, Busan
URL: http://www.aief-usa.org
Date: 9/8-9,15-16/2018
Location: Busan Bexco, Seoul COEX
2018 EducationUSA Fair - American Center Korea
URL: https://goo.gl/forms/dlf5TSgXgUMfZR9X2
Date: 9/14/2018
Location: American Center Korea
2018 EducationUSA Fair - Busan
URL: http://bit.ly/Busan2018
Date: 9/12/2018
Location: Busan International Foreign School
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The major advantages of these fairs are as follows:

  • They provide an opportunity to talk directly with representatives of the visiting U.S. schools.
  • The schools participating, while numerically only a small proportion of those in the U.S., are representative of the range and quality of educational opportunities available.
  • In most cases translators are provided to assist visitors who may not be completely fluent in English.
  • At the larger fairs, seminars on topics relating to education in the USA run concurrently with the exhibition

Our calendar also makes available information on international study-abroad fairs (these including schools from multiple countries) when they include representatives from a sufficient number of schools in the United States.